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Our Process: Overview
A Disciplined Process for Investing

As a registered investment adviser, HCM serves foundations, endowments, pension plans and private investors.  Sophisticated investors and independent thinkers, they come to us because of both our track record and our process. HCM is also the investment adviser to a family of registered Mutual Funds available to the general public.

Our results speak for themselves.

Our process combines clear quantitative and qualitative standards with a distinctly intuitive exploratory approach.  We surface candidates for investment by searching across industries and markets, keeping both our eyes and minds open.  We have no industry bias.

First, we analyze the factors contributing to a candidate company’s sustainable competitive advantage, including:

  • Dominance of a market niche
  • Purchasing power and pricing power
  • Products and services
  • Brand loyalty
  • Financial flexibility

Then, quantitatively, we weigh many basic factors for determining valuation including cash flow, dividends, sales, earnings, book value and projected growth rates.

Frequently, we believe our analysis uncovers companies that are both well positioned and whose stock is undervalued by the market.  We select what we believe to be the best companies for our portfolios.  Although no one can predict the future, we feel this approach has proven to be remarkably prescient over time.



Individual Investors


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