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Registered Advisers: Overview

Investors rely on your experience, research and insights to grow their wealth.  Adding HCM to your menu of investment opportunities provides your clients with another fresh perspective on the market.   We believe you will be able to offer them:

  • The comfort of investing in strong companies.  Because we strive to select companies with a clear, sustainable competitive advantage, we seek to identify companies that that our research shows are more likely to be “winners” in their industries over the long run.
  • The ability to easily understand our investment process.  While some investment advisers have extremely complex processes or operate in a “black box,” we find that our approach is straightforward and clear.
  • The protection of a powerful approach to mitigating risk.  Most portfolios rely on diversification to reduce risk. We attempt to control risk by investing in strong companies.  For us, volatility represents opportunity: a great company with a depressed stock price is an excellent value.  HCM  seeks to provide an approach that complements the diversification approaches that many of our clients are already using.
  • The broadening of your portfolio strategy beyond the “conventional wisdom.”  Some investment advisers “follow the crowd”; others are “contrarians” who follow the crowd in the opposite direction.  Our analysis seeks to go beyond this bi-polar “conventional wisdom” to select those companies that we see as best for our clients over the long run – whether or not the firms are currently “popular.” 



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